Tornjak UK

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In March 2012 we travelled to Croatia to collect Jazmyn and Aura and bring them back to the UK.  We took some photos of our journey.

On 2nd November 2012 Anthony Johnson and Nick Coad drove to France to meet Borna Saceric to meet the Sh litter and bring back 3 to the UK.  Meet Shania, Shai (Nelson) and Show (Yogi). We now have 6 Tornjaks in the UK.

On 2nd August 2014 Borna Saceric arrives in the UK bringing with him the T litter.  The Uk welcomes Tessie, Tacker (Targ), Tayson and Tracy (Candy).  This brings the number of Tornjaks in the UK to 10.  One as far south as Salisbury, 2 in Oxford, 1 in Northampton, 3 in Leicestershire, 1 in Worcestershire, 1 in Nottingham and 1 as far north as Bradford.

On 9th February little Zenka was entrusted with a courier for her adventure to the UK, her breeder  Robert Filipović Dalmatinski Vrisak handed her over in good faith after a recommendation.  Sadly the courier was terrible at communicating and gave no information about Zenka's welfare.  To cut a long story short it took poor Zenka 2 weeks to eventually arrive in the UK.  Her UK family were put through a terrible unnecessary trauma, waiting for her arrival and praying she would arrive safely.  On 23rd February she arrived and has settled in very well considering.

As we only have 11 tornjaks in the Uk we do try to keep in touch and on some occasions try and meet up, so in March 2015 some Tornjaks came along to an Estrela Mountain Dog open show and they all had a great time..

In August 2015 we drove over the Croatia again so we could meet more breeders and learn more about the Country and the breed that we love so much.  It was an exhausting trip but very educational.

We brought 3 new pups back from Croatia with us.  They travelled brilliantly we are thrilled to have increased the Tornjak number to 14.

In September 2015 the Estrela Mountain Dog association kindly allowed us to join their club meeting and even gave us a Tornjak class in the show.  It was great to have 8 of the 14 Tornjaks attend the show and families who were waiting for a tornjak pup were also able to join us and meet their new breed.

In September the C litter and Niki were brought to the UK by their Breeder Borna.  This means in September 2015 we now have 19 Tornjaks in the UK.

In September 2016 3 tornjak lovers made the long drive to Croatia to meet breeders and see a local show with Tornjak speciality.  It was a fantastic experience.  We brought back two beautiful pups so our numbers are now upto 21.  Building nicely.  

On our drive to Croatia we pass through Germany so we stopped off to meet a lovely lady and her tornjaks.

After the great hospitality in Germany we continued our drive to Rijeka, there we met the lovely Lorena who took us around to meet many of her great tornjaks

When we left Rijeka we travelled to Karlovac to meet Marco who very kindly drove us around to see working Tornjak